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When You Work With Us:

At Cash For Cars SA, we are your auto wrecking company! We will pay you cash for all of those junk autos! No make, model, or year is too good for us – we buy everything from cars to trucks and SUV’s to buses and vans! Just give us a call today at 0431264012 and we’ll be on our way to put cash in your hand for your scrap vehicles!

Environment-friendly Car Disposal

At Cash For Cars SA, we follow strict Eco-friendly recycling principles. When we work together, we keep our town beautiful and healthy by keeping junk vehicles off the streets and protecting the environment by eliminating the hazardous pollution the car disposal is so well known for.

Cash in Your Hand for Scrap Cars

At Cash For Cars SA, we are know our business! Our knowledge and experience in recycling allow us to give you an accurate estimate on your junk car’s value and, we pay top dollar for what we buy! The price we give you depends in part on the following criteria:

  • The weight and size of the vehicle: The metal content in vehicles can be extracted and sold by the ton to a metal recycler. We determine the weight and size of the vehicle so we can accurately calculate the vehicle’s scrap metal value.
  • What still works. We can pay you more if your auto still has working parts because we can recondition and resell those parts. So, make sure you let our people know what still works.
  • Driving condition: If the vehicle is still drive-able, it will cost less to remove it. That means we can pay you even more for it.

The Benefits When You Sell Your Junk Autos to Cash For Cars SA

The fact is, there is no better way to off-load your scrap cars than selling them to Cash For Cars SA!

  • Car Removal that pays YOU!
  • Environmentally friendly Car Removal
  • No paperwork – when you junk an automobile, there is no need to fight with the title office to transfer the title to a new owner.

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Call us today to get your cash for cars offer! We will give you top dollar on that old rusty bucket!Online quotes are also available by completing our online form. With Votive, you are guaranteed top dollar and “green disposal” for all of your junk vehicles – cars, trucks, vans, buses, and SUV’s.
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